You can order the 2018 Weekly Planner! This is a design that I created specifically to help project managers keep their various project streams in good order. I’ve used this design for a few years and have been refining the design with feedback from PMP certified project managers. It may seem like a simple idea, but a lot of work went into layout and design to emphasize a holistic understanding of a project, provide easy-to-read tools to measure progress, and give guidance on how to prioritize tasks to get the most value out of your time. Please check it out and order it if you are in the market for a planner. The profit margin is one dollar which will go into the maintenance costs of

Not convinced? Don’t have the money right now? Feel free to download the whole file for free and print it- Double-Sided- to try out for a few weeks. If you find it useful, consider ordering the 2018 version. If you don’t find it useful, I’d like to understand why so that I can make it better.