Welcome to the Runeam Great Library. At this library, you can find information on just about anything, anywhere or anyone. Based upon your security clearance- Field Keeper- you are granted additional access to the “Rare and Endangered Books Collection,” the “Poison Cabinet,” the “Field Keepers’ Field Manuals: ‘Leave No Trace’ Book Extraction,” and the Dragon’s private collection which contains uncensored notes, annotations, and comments.  Please remember to properly replace the books that you remove from the shelves and to not write on any of the pages. Contact a nearby Keeper if you need assistance. Failure to observe library etiquette may potentially result in expulsion from the wing, the library, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Keepers, and the island of Runeam itself.


Study hard. In your role as a Field Keeper, the knowledge contained herewithin may be vital for a successful extraction of a rare book or the difference between life and death while you are out on assignment. Good luck!



Name: Ethan Adan

Profession: Brateni Almoner

Birthday: 11 March 656 A.C.

Place of Birth: Rysear, Alvaran Empire

Public Information: Brother Ethan Adan grew up as the third youngest son of a family of blacksmiths. As a child, he took up the family trade but left at the age of 16 before completing a masterwork to be inducted into the local blacksmith guild. He entered the Stormarm Seminary later that year. In 672, he was ordained a priest and immediately began training in Hannah Almoner Academy where he distinguished himself as a master of virology and physical therapy for soldiers recovering from the Maritime Wars. He received his blue almoner robes in 677. He remained in Hannah instructing introductory lectures to students until December 681. Our most recent records on file indicate that he began a two year pilgrimage in Batyc under the instruction of Father Ferrier.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judgmental

Blood Type: O-

Ethan Adan is a very capable healer with or without biomechanical enhancement. Unlike most almoners who are raised under Rectory control since early childhood, Adan experienced a normal education and upbringing in the lower middle class of Rysear. While Ryserans account for a disproportionate percentage of habitué, they only make up 2% of almoners. He is an anomaly born from a society where most men his age earn a living by fighting under a foreign banner He will have an aversion to violence, but he has training and real-world experience as a combat medic which may have hardened his resolve. I suspect that he would stand firm in the face of a perceived threat to himself or innocent bystanders. However, his long service with the Saint Braten’s Church has almost certainly solidified his understanding of his abilities. This may prove to be a liability because this world at this point requires potential more than it requires raw talent. Due to his conflicted education and background, I assess a Danger Rating of B.



Name: Valerie Mason*

Profession: Unemployed

Birthday: 19 September 650 A.C.

Place of Birth: Kend, Kend Republic**

Public Information: Little is known about Valerie Mason before the Third Maritime War. She was born into one of the loosely associated Kendi tribes before the formation of the republic. Her confirmable public record begins during the second Ajas occupation of Kend where she was arrested for breaking the imposed curfew. She escaped from captivity three days later by using an improvised weapon. It is believed that she was involved in further guerrilla raids against all foreign militaries in Kend territory to include the scuttling of the RBS Umbrage, the assassination of the Duke of Al-Isun and the firebombing of Brateni supply lines. She is wanted in Ift on two counts of aggravated assault, and a Brateni wartime bounty of 10,000 in coin has not yet been cleared. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

*Possible Alias

**The Kend Republic was not formed until 678 A.C.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving

Blood Type: AB+

I suspect that Valerie Mason was one of the Kendi guerilla fighters known as ‘Dirges’ during the Third Maritime War. Her history and psychological profile match those of known Dirges. Her self-imposed exile from Kend after the forming of the Kend Republic makes me believe she was involved with the Umbrage Incident which lead to the salting of the Kendi lowlands. I may be mistaken. The Dirges, after all, are experts of misdirection and deceit. As a tribeswoman, she will be very protective of those who share her common interests. Once a decision has been made, she will carry it out with high precision. Outwardly, she appears to have a dependance on alcohol, but this may be an act to lure observers into a false sense of security. Solely because Valerie Mason is capable of planning and executing complicated and dangerous missions that could take years to accomplish, I assess a Danger Rating of D.



Name: Majah Sage

Profession: Runeam Keeper (Field)

Birthday: 7 January 659 A.C.

Place of Birth: Port Runeam

Public Information: Majah Sage is the son of Heather Sage, an elder Keeper of Runeam who died in 665. Majah was born deaf, and, after his mother’s death, Keepers at the Great Library took turns taking care of him. When he was 10 years old, it was arranged to install experimental biocouples from the Second Maritime War into his ears to restore his hearing. Six years later, he had two more installed into his hands. His performance as a Keeper apprentice, deaf or not, was less than stellar. However, during a semester abroad in 678, Majah Sage displayed an impressive ability to recover, translate and preserve foreign and ancient texts. Since then, he has been employed as a Field Keeper tasked with entering hostile or politically sensitive areas to preserve and catalog information that may be destroyed by war or disaster. He is considered an expert in etymology, phonology and pre-cataclysm literature.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving

Blood Type: B-

Majah Sage’s mother was an influential member of this library who was responsible for the preservation of almost all known Nomadic Renaissance songs. After she died suddenly, I made the arrangements to restore his hearing and augment his physical capabilities. He relies heavily on his intuition as a guide, yet he searches for value in life through his discoveries. It will be difficult to force him to do anything, but it may be possible by providing him with information in such a way that he makes the appropriate decision on his own. Unfortunately, he will try to avoid conflict and will approach it from the perspective of his feelings rather than his knowledge base. By assigning him as a Field Keeper, I had hoped to strengthen his decision-making process. I fear I may have pushed him too hard to be of use to me. He has a sharp mind, access to most of the world’s knowledge and augments that can become very potent assets. Even though he is a Library Keeper, I assign a Danger Rating of C.



Name: Jazira El-Vrijer

Profession: Brateni Priestess

Birthday: 31 March 654 A.C.

Place of Birth: Batal, Batyc

Public Information: Sister Jazira El-Vrijer is the oldest child of the recently deceased Seigneur of Batyc, Dia El-Vrijer. However, she entered a Brateni convent in 670 A.C. in the aftermath of the Second Maritime War as a sign of good faith between Batyc and Braten. When she took her vows three years later, she gave up all rights to the Seigunership. In the Brateni Church, she is currently instructing prospective priestesses while organizing several west coast charity efforts. After the Third Martime War, she lead fifty habitue in Ajas to rebuild destroyed livestock pens, fresh water silos and school houses. She is considered a rising star within the Church, and several cardinals have vouched her for candidacy as a bishop.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving

Blood Type: A+

I met Dia El-Vrijer many years ago when his first wife was pregnant with Jazira El-Vrijer. Dia was a conflicted man who wanted to reconcile his curiosity with his faith the same way he tried to unite Batyc and Saint Breten’s Church during the Third Maritime War. Jazira shares her father’s primary interest in understanding the world we live in. She understands new ideas quickly with a profound depth. I expect her to avoid conflict on a firsthand basis. She will instead motivate others to join her in a mutually symbiotic relationship. She will aggressively pursue her goals, but I must take care not to confuse her aggression with haste. She is a fluent conversationalist who will have plenty of support and contingencies that will give her a robust series of options. Expect her to move to put her opponents on the defensive. She will methodically force her opponents into a less and less desirable position until an absolute advantage can be obtained. Because of her versatility, foresight and resilience, I assess a Danger Rating of AAA.


Name: Arlia Janet

Profession: Geomancer

Birthday: 23 Cancer 143 B.C.

Place of Birth: Corsus

Public Information: Arlia Janet claims to be the third in a line of famed geomancers of the same name. Historical records from the era before the 20 Year Winter are generally poor, but there are some documents found in Nineva that allude to a silver haired woman who had incredible control over natural forces such as wind, seas and tectonic activity. Very detailed reports exist from the eleventh century B.C. which describe the use of these “geomancers” during the great ancient wars. This skill was believed to be lost after the cataclysm severed access to ether and the forces collectively known as magic. Eye witnesses from Braten, Nineva and List claim this Arlia Janet is able to use these fabled abilities. The Great Library is currently investigating these reports with support from the Royal Batyc Science Society.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judgmental

Blood Type: O-

Arlia Janet is constantly vigilant and aware of her environment. As a geomancer, she has an attunement beyond my understanding; this is her greatest advantage. She will seriously pursue long term goals with confidence, and she will have no patience for those who disrupt or do not understand her commitments.

Do not misjudge her. I assess a Danger Rating of A.


Name: Talos Myer

Profession: Batyc Legions Commandant

Birthday: 26 November 642 A.C.

Place of Birth: Fort Alexander, Batyc

Public Information: Commandant Talos Myer joined the Legions in 655. He has fought as an infantryman in the Nineva Civil War, the Ift Conflict, and the First and Second Maritime Wars. He was citied the Royal Meritious Medal during the siege of Fort Alexander during the First Maritime War for “exceptional courage without regard to personal safety or previously received injures. Alone, First Sergeant Talos Myer defended a breach in the city wall for two hours before a counter-attack could be mustered…” As an officer, he lead the ground forces in the Southern Theater during the Third Maritime War. Afterwards, he was promoted to the rank of Commandant. A folk hero in his home town, he has served as a confidant for three Batyc Seigneurs and is considered one of the most capable military strategist alive.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Introverted Sensing Thinking Judgmental

Blood Type: B+

Talos Myer is an extremely focused individual with a work ethic like nothing I have seen in generations. Outwardly, he is generally reserved and concerned with the peaceful aspects of his profession. Mind, he will act decisively if his area of responsibility is threatened. He is very loyal to his ideals and charges, and he will be able to solve any problem that he encounters. His name is spoken with respect throughout the world. Anyone who has earned Talos’ loyalty will have a decisive advantage. He is a battle hardened hero; one could only expect him to become a more ferocious opponent if placed under stress. He will naturally compliment the weaknesses of whoever he serves. Those who serve him will likewise be strengthened. Talos Myer is a blade forged in the fires of countless battles who will continue this tradition of excellence. I assess a Danger Rating of A.


Name: Kaylee Ver’ler

Profession: Batyc Legions Intelligence

Birthday: 02 October 654 A.C.

Place of Birth: Perch, Batyc

Public Information: The eighth and youngest child of the Duke of Perch, Kaylee was born into a traditional family where she had little chance of inheriting any of the power or wealth that her older siblings enjoyed. She attended university in Iden where she earned a Master’s in psychology. Afterwards, she enrolled in the Batyc Officer Candidate School where she became an intelligence officer with the Baytc Self Defense Fleet. During the Third Maritime War, she orchestrated the counter-operations against Kend freedom fighters- most notably the Dirges. Lieutenant Ver’ler was sharply criticized by the international community for her tactics of obtaining information from the families of suspected insurgents. She is currently stationed in Tel-Ura to help manage military research and development.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving

Blood Type: A-

I have been observing these petty, irrational creatures known as ‘humans’ for a very long time, yet the finer parts of their personalities will continue to elude me. Kaylee Ver’ler is one of the few humans blessed with a natural intuition that makes her very difficult to outmaneuver. She readily observes behavior patterns and will use this information to manipulate others to work towards her goals. She can rapidly analyze a situation and implement an effective plan. She is goal oriented and will not let minor scruples along the way interfere with the overall plan. During the occupation of Kend, she was tasked with combatting insurgent guerilla warfare. She ordered the capture and possible torture of family members of suspected Dirges in order to draw them out in conditions favorable for her motives. This history will not make open association with Ver’ler beneficial. Behind closed doors, she is a potent commander of forces and can be trusted to achieve results. I assess a Danger Rating of B.


Name: Nash Samar, PhD

Profession: R&D Researcher and Physics Professor at Tel-Ura University.

Birthday: 08 July 629 A.C.

Place of Birth: Estis

Public Information: The child of Estis political refugees, Nash Samar spent his childhood selling weavings on the streets of Batyc to feed his family. As a teenager, he earned a scholarship to the Technology College at Batyc where he earned an undergraduate degree in physics and economics. In 654, he earned his doctorate in the budding field of Information Sciences for a dissertation expanding the understanding of self-recursing information loops. He was hired by the Batyc Legions in 659 to develop the controversial weaponized biocouples used in the Second Maritime War. He has been in the employ of the Batyc government ever since. Doctor Samar currently leads a research team developing synthetic fuels.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judgmental

Blood Type: O+

Doctor Samar is a pioneer in his field by combining disparate theories into a cohesive mental model that enabled the resolution of the “Dual Paradox.” He, more than anyone else, helped create lay biocouples with a non-lethal fail-safe. He is very focused on his own research and the direction that it will take, and I suspect his high standards are easily offended by outsiders. He will seek immediate resolution to problems with others. If this does not happen to his satisfaction, he will take it upon himself to forge his own way. Ultimately, he has a tremendous ability to solve problems that are on the frontier of human understanding, but this will be a long process. Doctor Samar becomes distracted with the minute details of a project and easily loses site of the overall goal. If results are achieved, they could be spectacular. Based on a high threat but low probability of results, I assess a Danger Rating of D.


Name: Halil Cade

Profession: Braten Cardinal

Birthday: 28 February 625

Place of Birth: Hannah, Braten

Public Information: Halil’s mother was a Hannah prostitute and his father was a disgraced Brateni priest. He grew up seeing the best and worst sides of his religion. During an interview with one of our Keepers in 670, he admits his only reason for originally joining the Church was to escape the abuse and neglect of his family. Halil is one of the most accredited Almoners this generation, boasting the world record for having the most functional implants in his body- over 18,000. His mastery over these protected pieces of technology has made him a valuable asset to the Church. He was promoted to cardinal in 663 A.C. with a unanimous vote. He currently is the headmaster of the Hannah Almoner Academy.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Extroverted Sensing Thinking Judgmental

Blood Type: AB-

I expected Halil Cade to grow up cynical to the faith of Saint Braten’s Church, but time has appeared to have hardened the old wounds. A life of enjoying the more extravagant positions of the church may be the root cause of this. About a year ago, one of my younger Keepers surreptitiously made a copy of the Cardinal’s diary. This copy rests on my desk as I write this. I see no contradiction in thought. No doubt. His wording is very firm, and he sees the world in broad, absolute brush strokes. He is warmly interested in the lives of his friends… and he has many friends. He cares about his friends to such an extent that I doubt he will be able to accept difficult truths about them. He loves people as a whole and genuinely considers himself their caregiver. This is a duty that he takes seriously because he has a strong need to be liked by his peers. If I were to get him on my side, I could influence the entire College of Cardinals. In light of this and his exceptional healing talents, I assign a Danger Rating of A.


Name: The Last Dragon

Profession: Great Library Founder

Birthday: Not Applicable

Place of Birth: Not Applicable

Public Information: The dragons of the old age were killed approximately 900 years ago before the last cataclysm. It is unknown how the Last Dragon survived the extinction. The modern record of the Last Dragon begins in 503 A.C. when he appeared on Runeam Island and put an end to decades of seaboard raids that had left the island decimated. He helped construct the sea wall which protects Port Runeam to this day and established the Great Library in 511 A.C. When Runeam’s population swelled during the refugee crisis during the Maritime Wars, the Dragon dipped into his vast reserves to expand the city, provide housing at little-to-no cost, and train a swelling number of artisans and craftsmen. These reforms are directly responsible for invigorating Runeam as a net exporter due to the strength of the manufactured goods industry. His influence has transformed Runeam from a small, resource poor island into a developed trade empire (in knowledge and goods). The Dragon rarely leaves the library or makes contact with humans. He quietly oversees the Great Library and directs its mission to preserve all art and knowledge. Because of his shyness from the public eye, few outsiders are aware of or believe in his existence.

Dragon’s Comments are not available.


Name: Ezra Nals

Profession: Martial Arts Instructor

Birthday: 15 June 665 A.C.

Place of Birth: Goldtouch, Goldtouch

Public Information: Ezra Nals is the child of two cobblers from Goldtouch Proper. He dropped out of grammar school at an age of fourteen. One year later, he was arrested for larceny and spent 100 days of a one year sentence (shortened for good behavior). Psychological profiles performed on Ezra during his incarceration describe him as “[having] a talented, yet unmotivated, mind.” Upon his release, he began training at a local martial arts hall where he proved himself as a master in the use of a wide variety of weapons. He currently is the two-time champion of bare knuckle boxing in Goldtouch and teaches classes in techniques ranging from wrestling to archery.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Extroverted Sensing Thinking Perceptive

Blood Type: B+

I have worked with Ezra several times in the past. He consistently provides good results for tasks that I cannot ask one of my Keepers to do. He is a blunt, plain-spoken risk taker. He feels satisfaction by working with his hands, and he requires the stimulus of dangerous work to maintain a focused mind. He tends to act first and react to the consequences rather than debate the best course of action. He gambles most of the money I give him, so I cannot trust him with jobs that require fragile or expensive books. I only pay him to recover objects that are either very dangerous to handle or are more than able to withstand his capriciousness. He will not take another person’s feelings into account, so it is imperative that I am careful who I pair with him. If I paired him with an alpha personality, however, the competitiveness between them could work out to my advantage. Despite his skill with many weapons, I assess a Danger Rating of D.

castmajidName: Majid Sartaj

Profession: Wildbere War Chief

Birthday: 20 November 654 A.C.

Place of Birth: Wildbere

Public Information: The seventh successive Wildebere War Chief from the Sartaj family, Majid assumed the the title after defeating his father in a duel during the Equinox Festival in 679 A.C. Majid’s most distinctive physical trait is a genetic abnormality where each eye has a different color. After assuming the role as War Chief, he was reported to have killed a wolf pack with his bare hands. He wears the pelt of the alpha male as proof as his triumph. The steppe raiders of Wildbere are renown for their ability to engage in combat in an uncontrollable, trance-like fury. Normally, such a condition is followed by a dullness and lethargy of mind and body for several days; however, War Chief Sartaj has developed a diet and exercise routine that has rendered him immune to the devastating effects of this fabled fighting style. Unlike his predecessors, he has been educated in several universities throughout the world and is considered a well-versed poet.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving

Blood Type: A-

Warchief Majid Sartaj suffered serious psychological trauma during the Third Maritime War which makes him very unpredictable. He studied Braten scripture in Ironbend only to return to supplant his father as warchief. As the de facto head of the Wildbere raiders, he has been much more aggressive in his campaigns than historic trends. I believe his mental frailty has caused him to seek continuous self validation through the approval of others. He originally found it through faith, and he keeps that feeling by bringing glory and booty from excursions into the lawless Wartooth region. He is a steadfast believer, and nothing will shake him from his sense of mission and purpose. He is also a talented artist who has an obsession with animals. I purchased a few of his paintings through a fence for preservation’s sake. They are currently hanging in the antechamber of the twenty-third west wing. The focus of the paintings are the jaws and teeth of various predators. They are jagged, stylized and… visceral. Overall, I do not foresee Wildbere’s influence ranging farther than the butte. However, Sartaj’s strong faith makes him a liability that I cannot control. I assess a Danger Rating of C.


Name: Nadia Kafyr

Profession: Queen of Alvaran Constitutional Monarchy

Birthday: 24 March 646 A.C.

Place of Birth: Biadun

Public Information: Even though the Kingdom of Alvar established a three branched democratically elected governing body after the Glorious Coup in 552 A.C, commander in chief duties have always been deferred to the head of the royal family. This makes Queen Nadia Kafyr, who assumed the crown in 670 A.C, the head of Alvar’s unofficial fourth branch of government. This arrangement continues to draw criticism from neighboring democracies due to the “chilling effect” placed upon legislators fearful of repercussions from the military. Queen Nadia believes that the royalty’s only duty is to train, maintain and modernize a capable fighting force in order to deter international aggression. To this end, she has assumed tighter domestic control of active duty service members. She expanded the Army Corps of Engineers and has mobilized Alvar’s greatest peacetime force to construct canals and roads to connect the entire nation to Lake Janelle. She believes that improving domestic infrastructure will reduce the massive amount of Alvarans who emigrate- usually as cheap laborers, mercenaries or foreign legionaries. In 680, a Great Library sponsored census estimated that 30% of all Alvaran born nationals were permanently living abroad. Military constructed hospitals and incentive programs have helped maintain a high fertility rate which Queen Nadia sees only as a temporary solution to an aging population.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile: Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Judgmental

Blood Type: O+

Queen Nadia, like all Alvaran royalty, has received instruction in tactics and warfare since early age. She handles her personal matters in the same manner as she would a foe on the battlefield. She positions her resources to absorb and weaken any problem before it can reach her. She is frank, quick to point out hypocrisy and tends to micromanage her subordinates. Her public works projects show that she is capable of formulating extremely long-term plans. If she succeeds in her plan to retain more bodies within her borders, she could consolidate incontestable military superiority in the south within a generation. She leaves herself vulnerable to parliamentary reaction because she is unwilling to compromise the timeline of her goals to placate short-term fluctuations of public opinion. She is the most effective humanitarian modernization force within her nation, but I fear this could cause global instability if this is done too rapidly. Her personal contributions to Great Library branches in Rysear constituted 15% of our overall budget last year. As long as she is queen, she poses no threat to me.

castgarderName: Garder El-Vrijer

Profession:  Seigneur of Braten

Birthday: 30 September 667 A.C.

Place of Birth: Batal

Public Information: The second living child of Dia El-Vrijer, and half-brother to Jazira El-Vrijer. Garder is a young ruler who, by law, is old enough to rule without a regent but, by common practice, is expected to rule with the guidance of an advisory counsel consisting of the Duke of Perch, the Grandmaster of Fort Alexander, the Duke of Al-Isun, and the standing Commandant. Garder is currently being educated in statesmanship, economics, and military matters by private tutors supplied from around the world (including Library annuitant  Professor Astor who is a leading expert in Information-Ether Theory). Before he inherited his father’s titles, Garder demonstrated a passion for mechanical devices and funded from his personal finances initiatives to miniaturize clocks. He is also considered a superb horseback archer who took silver in the Batyc Tournament in 682 AC. Garder has not written any policy papers, given national orations, or conducted diplomatic missions prior to the Seigneurship, so it remains to be seen where his political leanings may develop.

Dragon’s Comments:

Psychological Profile:Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judgmental

Blood Type: A+

I defer to Professor Astor’s assessment of Garder El-Vrijer. “There is potential here, but the boy is not quite fully baked. I will endeavor to provide the best counseling possible for this young mind.” Garder has shown a tendency to temper tantrums and narcissism which are not uncommon traits of royalty, but this is something exploitable by friends and foes alike. His unfortunately timed succession of Dia, a longtime patron of the Library, will either feed into these tendencies or shock the boy out of them. He has not made any publicized appearances or movements since Dia’s assassination, but, for lack of more data, we can only speculate if this is due to paranoia or prudence. Braten has a strong historical precedent of smooth transitions of boy-king Seigneurs into power as they age. I do not doubt that Garder has the capability to be an effective leader, but the Library should take a keen interest in analyzing the psychological profiles of the members of his councilors. While Braten does command the most technologically advanced standing army in the world, they are limited by provisions of the last Maritime War to only maintain a small coastal navy not fit to cross the Briasan waters past Sailor’s Woe. Garder’s death could lead to a succession crisis where a dozen lords- and the sister- could press a claim. I assess a Danger Rating of B.