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After a casual polling of my company’s Slack, it appears that Sejm is not a commonly known term. This actually surprises the heck out of me because I was a super weird child that was fascinated by the unusual names and rules of the parliamentary bodies of other countries- such as the Japanese Diet or the Icelandic Althing (pronounced “All Thing”).
Is it important for the story to call a fictional body a Sejm instead of Althing, Parliament, Congress, Diet, or Golden Bull? Probably not, but, damn it, I want to use something different but factual. Maybe this will give readers an avenue for tangential learning. The Sejm is a fascinating relic from history, and I think it’s a net boon for the world if I encourage others to learn about it. For example, one of the things I like about Final Fantasy 7 is that is encouraged a generation of kids to learn about the Sefirot. It’s amazing where the road may take you.