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To explain the title, a Tumetu-iin Noyan (萬戶長) is a commander of troops. Even though this is technically a real word, I’ll limit a lot of the titles to just Jinong and Baatar to somewhat comply with the Fiction Rule of Thumb. I will have some fun with the page titles from time to time.

I vacillated with the previous episode a little bit. You may have noticed that the wording changed a little bit in the last two panels and Süüder‘s font went from Black to Dark Red and back to Black. I think the Dark Red color better fits with Meifang, and I like keeping Süüder as a black font. This is purely for aesthetic/readability reasons and should not be considered any deeper.

Meifang Lei was teased nearly seven years ago(!). It feels good to introduce her in the story properly. Meifang was my first complete sprite set made for Lost Noise. I liked her asymmetrical build so much that I incorporated that idea into a lot of other sprites for Lost Noise.