I will keep updating the Lost Noise Cast Banner as more and more characters are revealed either by story or by some other means.

This episode introduces Xin Yun, Lord of the Zuini Horde.

Based on reader feedback, the overwhelming majority recommended that we keep the current format where the most recent comic is directly on the homepage. Thank you for your input! Always feel free to contact me on twitter or email to share your thoughts. I love to hear it. I’ve also changed the numbering format where the comic pages will count up after the prologue. So, this is technically page “2.”

Another surprising piece of feedback revolved around the speech bubbles. Some were surprised that we moved back to the circular speech bubbles from the Fortuna Saga instead of the more jagged speech bubbles from Hymns of the Apostate. To be clear, there is an intentional reason for this. You may notice that Arlia Janet used both circular and jagged speech bubbles during Hymns of the Apostate. This is to indicate when she is using different languages. She’s using the language of Fortuna Saga with circular bubbles and the newer Hymns language that arose after the events in Fortuna and then the “20 Year Winter.” It’s not super important to understand the plot or anything, but I always thought it was a fun callback to the other canticles.

Thanks for all of your support. I’m trying to introduce Lost Noise to more people. Please help me look for opportunities to share Lost Noise, Hymns of the Apostate, and Fortuna Saga with others that may enjoy it. Thanks for your help!